Benjamin Lloyd Cloer

Family, friends and all who are interested in a future filled with hope of the betterment of mankind are invited to help raise funds for the Benjamin Lloyd Cloer Student Support Fund in Artificial Intelligence. This award honors the passion and dedication of "Lloyd", as he preferred to be called, who devoted his life plan to improve the condition of humanity through becoming educated in areas he believed would achieve that goal.

Lloyd's academic achievements blossomed in high school where he acquired academic awards consistently. He received perfect scores on Calculus, Biology, Physics-B, Physics-C Mechanics, Macro Economics and Language AP Exams. He received an SAT score of 2130 and perfect scores for the Math Level 2, Biology and Physics SAT subject tests. Lloyd was president of the Science Club, co-founder and Vice President of the Philosophy Club, math team member and a violinist in the orchestra. In 2011 Lloyd graduated from Norcross High School with honors.

In the fall of 2011, Lloyd was admitted to the prestigious and selective Pomona College in Clermont, CA. His increasing interests in the phenomena of intelligence prompted him to major in neuroscience. In 2015 Lloyd received a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience with a minor in mathematics.

Lloyd then continued to pursue his education at Georgia State University. While taking graduate classes he served as a Professor Assistant.

In the fall of 2018, Lloyd entered the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (M.S.A.I.) program at the University of Georgia. He also served as a Professor Assistant at UGA. While at UGA, Duke University selected Benjamin to develop and teach a four-week summer course, "An Introduction to AI," which was held for high school students on the Georgia Tech campus.

Much of Lloyd's inspiration was from great historical thinkers, including philosophers, mathematicians, and physicists such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, Alan Watts, Thomas Bayes, Paracelsus and the writings of the Stoic Marcus Aurelius.

Besides his passion for the academic world, Lloyd had a love for the outdoors and adventure. Travel, camping, hiking, rock climbing, dirt bike riding, snow skiing, caving, kayaking and exploring anything outdoors was always a part of his life.

Lloyd is described by those who knew him as someone filled with compassion and caring for others. He had an innate empathic ability to feel when someone was in need. He loved socializing with his countless friends and was often the instigator, planner and host of social events. Many people have described Lloyd as being "an old soul."

Lloyd would have completed the coursework for his degree in December, 2019. He was in the process of writing his thesis, which would be the final remaining program requirement. Unfortunately, with only a portion of the academic year left, Lloyd did not live to complete his M.S.A.I. and continue the pursuit of his goals.

The Benjamin Lloyd Cloer Student Support Fund in Artificial Intelligence Award will allow those dedicated to the betterment of mankind to move toward achieving their goals as Lloyd passionately would have.

The Benjamin Lloyd Cloer Student Support Fund in Artificial Intelligence will help support outstanding graduate students studying in the Institute of Artificial Intelligence at UGA. Preference shall be given to applicants with financial need, as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Support shall include, but not be limited to awards, travel, supplies, equipment and other related expenses deemed appropriate by the Dean of the College.

Thank you for your consideration. We appreciate your time and generosity, but most of all, thank you for honoring Lloyd.

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