Heather Mosley Singh was generous and kind, and always went out of her way to make people feel seen and included. She saw the best in everyone and gave her whole heart to every person she met. She also had a gift for maintaining perspective when things got difficult; she was practicing gratitude before the rest of us knew what that meant.

Heather was also a talented percussionist and never hesitated to help the incoming freshman Redcoats to get up to speed. The Redcoats were an important part of Heather’s formative years, and even decades later, those who knew Heather through Redcoats continue to recognize what a beam of light she was in the community.

After graduating from the University of Georgia, she went on to get a Master's in Early Childhood Education and apply her skills to teaching young children in Dekalb and Henry Counties. Heather is survived by her husband and two children. She built a village of kind and loving people who will help show her sons how much love she put into the world. Heather will certainly be remembered for making the world a brighter place while she was here, and her friends and family have established this memorial scholarship to continue her legacy of generosity. We hope this scholarship will help incoming Redcoats with financial need, so that they will have the opportunity to join a community of students, instructors, and alumni who will become lifelong friends and supporters.

Please consider making a gift to help us reach our goal of $25,000 to fully endow this scholarship and establish Heather’s legacy at the University of Georgia.

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