Located at the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital, the Butler Garden is a serene, outdoor space dedicated to the meaningful relationships we share with companion animals and those who care for them. Your generous gift honors the beloved animals and trailblazers who paved the way while lifting up the next generation of veterinarians.

Each purchase of a lasting memorial includes a donation to the College of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Fund, helping a future veterinarian achieve their dreams.

We hope you will visit.

To make your gift in tribute, please select the box below and provide the name and mailing address of your honoree or next of kin. The CVM Office of Development & Alumni Relations will mail a letter informing your honoree of your generous gift.

Memorials are installed in the garden twice a year. You will be notified when yours is established. If you'd like to speak with a member of our team for more information, please contact:

Abby Bryant, Assistant Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship

Red Brick Example Image

Red Brick Paver

Granite Paver Example Image Granite Paver Example with Graphic Image

Granite Paver

Plaque Six Line Example Image

Plaque Option #1

Plaque Pre-selected Graphic Example Image

Plaque Option #2

Plaque Custom Graphic Example Image

Plaque Option #3

Available Items:

    Two Sizes of Brick Pavers:
  • – $ – 3 lines of text
  • – $ – 6 lines text or 3 lines text + pre-selected graphic (horseshoe, cow hoof, dog paw print, cat paw print)

    12x12 Stainless Steel Plaques:
  • – $ – Up to 6 lines of text
  • – $ – 3 lines text + pre-selected graphic (horseshoe, cow hoof, dog paw print, cat paw print)
  • – $ – 3 lines text + custom graphic (see example above)
You will be contacted about your custom graphic when your gift has been processed.
Please select a graphic:
Horseshoe Paver Graphic Horseshoe Plaque Graphic
Cow Hoof Paver Graphic Cow Hoof Plaque Graphic
Dog Paw Paver Graphic Dog Paw Plaque Graphic
Cat Paw Paver Graphic Cat Paw Plaque Graphic



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