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Butler Garden Brick Paver and Plaque Campaign

All brick pavers and stainless steel plaques will be installed at the new Butler Garden on the Veterinary Medical Center campus. The Butler Garden will be a serene, beautiful space to honor the meaningful relationships shared with companion animals and those who care for them. All previously purchased bricks, tiles and horseshoes will also be installed in the garden.

In the meantime, when you purchase a brick or plaque, we will send your honoree (if any) a card informing them of your thoughtful gift. Replicas also can be ordered now and you will receive them within a few weeks.

For questions or concerns, please contact:

Jenna Collins

Red Brick Example Image

Red Brick Paver

Granite Paver Example Image Granite Paver Example with Graphic Image

Granite Paver

Plaque Six Line Example Image

Plaque Option #1

Plaque Pre-selected Graphic Example Image

Plaque Option #2

Plaque Custom Graphic Example Image

Plaque Option #3

Available Items:

    Two Sizes of Brick Pavers:
  • – $ – 3 lines of text
  • – $ – 6 lines text or 3 lines text + pre-selected graphic (horseshoe, cow hoof, dog paw print, cat paw print)

    12x12 Stainless Steel Plaques:
  • – $ – Up to 6 lines of text
  • – $ – 3 lines text + pre-selected graphic (horseshoe, cow hoof, dog paw print, cat paw print)
  • – $ – 3 lines text + custom graphic (see example above)
You will be contacted about your custom graphic when your gift has been processed.
Please select a graphic:
Horseshoe Paver Graphic Horseshoe Plaque Graphic
Cow Hoof Paver Graphic Cow Hoof Plaque Graphic
Dog Paw Paver Graphic Dog Paw Plaque Graphic
Cat Paw Paver Graphic Cat Paw Plaque Graphic



Cost: $


College of Veterinary Medicine Brick and Horseshoe replicas

There are two replica options: a mini (similar to a paperweight) brick or a mini square tile. The text on the replica will be the same as the text on your original purchase.

Please enter the quantity of replicas you wish to purchase:

Cost: $

Total Cost: $

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